The ability to visualize is becoming an important skill for many project managers. Good project management requires efficient meetings and team interactions to solve problems, make decisions, and execute plans accordingly. In this workshop we will explore visual facilitation techniques for addressing the typical challenges that project managers face. Learn visual techniques that will:

  • prepare you to run engaging meetings
  • facilitate big-picture thinking
  • clarify complexity
  • create visually interesting flip charts (pre-meeting or live)
  • co-develop an action plan or roadmap that gets high buy-in from all your stakeholders.

Incorporating a visual approach will take your project and team management skills to the next level. You will no longer hesitate to intervene in a meeting, produce illustrative schemes, or present with flipcharts instead of PowerPoint slides.


In one day, we will cover the basis of both visualization and facilitation techniques.

Benefits of visual facilitation:

  • it helps to align group thinking
  • it boosts creativity
  • it improves understanding by reducing complex systems to their core
  • it improves the quality of your communication

Target audience

The workshop will work for anyone concerned with projects and will be helpful for: Scrum Masters, Scrum Product Owners, project managers, agile coaches, business analysts, process managers or analysts, engineers, R&D, ...

You do not need to have any artistic drawing skills. You just need an open mind and be willing to learn something new (and fun).


The enthusiasm of the trainer was super. A great "work"shop with enough time to practise the new technics and the experience of drawing and focus in an integrated excercise.

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  • A new language: icons, visual alphabet and grammar
  • Giving meaning: connecting ideas and structuring information
  • It’s about speed: drawing fast but legible
  • Visual culture: visual templates and tools


Mara Callaert

Mara Callaert is ‘visual facilitator’. She has a wide experience in visualisation, communication and change techniques. In 2013 she decided to radically expand her talents and assest under her own brand ... Visuality! Thanks to her analytical skills, images, connected communication and mainly her 'feeling and intuition' she helps organizations and professionals through changes. Mara is engineer and has almost 10 years of experience as a consultant.

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Practical information

Price: 806 EUR (excl VAT)

These trainings qualify for several grants. A practical instrument enabling you to pay only part of the registration fee

  • Training subsidised by kmo-portefeuille. Read more information.
In-company: If you have a number of people in your company who need this type of training, Kluwer will be happy to develop an in-house training course for you, customised to suit your particular situation. Our experienced trainers will tailor the course to fulfill the needs and abilities of your staff. Request your in company training.