About Kluwer Training

As a trainer, you are a crucial partner and an ambassador for Kluwer Training. We would therefore like to make sure you have the right information and to support you in your teaching. This webpage provides practical information and a guide through your training assignment.

If you should have any further questions after reading this information or would like to discuss any points, feel free to contact your project manager.

Suggestions for the launch of a new course or your application to participate in a steering group or study meeting are most welcome!

Kluwer Training strengthens your ambitions

Kluwer Training develops the talent of professionals and strengthens the organizations where they work. If we do so, it is because we are convinced that strong people make for strong organizations.

Every year, 25,000 professionals participate in more than 1500 training courses. We offer training, coaching, teaching advice and customized learning plans. The expertise of more than 750 freelance trainers and speakers ensures up-to-date knowledge, an intensive learning experience and maximum impact. In this way we help organizations to learn faster than their competitors.

Kluwer Training is Q-For certified and has been nominated each year as ‘Best Learning & Development Company’ (HR Excellence Award 2015).

A team of professional staff

Your contact persons

  • Product managers: We have in-house specialists for every area of specialty. They design our training offerings. They follow current developments and trends closely, together with the editorial teams of Wolters Kluwer. They listen to the needs of companies and consult with professional associations and steering groups of specialist practitioners.

  • Project assistants: Our training assistants take charge of the practical organisation of your training. They will help you with questions about participants, location and course materials.

  • Learning consultants: Learning consultants are the person partners for our clients. They consider companies’ specific learning needs and design in-company training programmes that fit with your organization. In collaboration with our trainers, they work out a customized learning trajectory and choose the most suitable learning formats.

Seamless organization

As a trainer, you can devote full attention to your training assignment: we ensure the perfect organisation for your training.

Our training assistants reserve an easily accessible and perfectly equipped training location, take care of reception and make your documentation available to the participants. They also confirm all arrangements and make sure the course materials reach the participants in a timely manner before, during and after the training.

Commercial effectiveness

Kluwer Training looks after all the marketing of your training programme, drawing on its extensive network and sales know-how.

Our open training calendar is offered via various marketing channels such as the website, e-zines, emailing, direct mailing, blog, advertising and social media.

The majority of training topics are also offered in the form of in-company training, custom designed for a team within an organisation. The learning consultants play an important role in this. For in-company training they are the contact persons for you and for our clients.

No exclusivity, but loyalty

Kluwer Training would like to build a partnership with you as a trainer, with a clear added value for both parties.

We regard this partnership as an honest and loyal relationship that forms the basis for a constructive and professional collaboration over the long term.

We don’t ask for exclusivity on the part of our trainers and instructors, but we do expect loyalty and respect for the commercial efforts that Kluwer Training offers and the client portfolio that we make available to you.

In your role as a Kluwer trainer, you serve as our ambassador. For this reason, we ask our freelance trainers not to distribute their personal business cards and not to use or share materials developed specifically for Kluwer Training anywhere else.

Kluwer Training, for its part, undertakes to make available all the necessary resources and capacity to help make your training course a success.

Share your expertise

We like to draw attention to our trainers’ expertise. Have you produced research data or written an article that relates to your course? Do you have an idea for an interesting infographic? Have you got a slideshare or video material? If so, contact your project manager. We can talk to you about the possibility of including it on the Learning Blog or in our social media channels.

It would be great if you could say in your LinkedIn profile that you give courses at Kluwer Opleidingen.

Don’t forget to mention Kluwer Opleidingen in your social media messages so that we can help spread your knowledge.

You’ll find us here:

Pedagogical advice

We know quite a bit about teaching and training. And we are pleased to share this expertise with our trainers.

When developing a training programme, the project managers and learning consultants are your dialogue partners.

  • Together we research what exactly the target group needs and how the training course meets those needs.
  • We go over how we can give current value to the courses and how we can guarantee that they are fully practice-oriented and deliver results.
  • Extra attention is devoted to the pedagogical and didactic approach.

Trainers’ Lounge

Kluwer Trainer regularly holds free training sessions and networking events for trainers and instructors. A sampling of the topics that are addressed: trends in teaching client case studies; new teaching methods, train the trainer, …

You learn something, get to know other trainers and we have a chance to chat over a drink and some nibbles. That is the purpose of the Trainers’ Lounges.

Training courses at a discount

As a trainer with Kluwer Training, you can take any of the courses we offer at half price.


For whom?



For the trainer in person

50% discount

  • When participating in short-term training courses (max. 2 days) of your choice

For a trainer’s direct colleagues

2 free colleagues

On a study day (half-day) taught by yourself

1 free colleague

On a study day (1 day) taught by yourself

40% discount for 2 colleagues

On a training course (duration max. 2 days) taught by you

Evaluation of your training

Evaluation by the participants

Kluwer Training attaches a great deal of importance to the opinion of participants as a very important measure of the quality of a training session.

Immediately after the training, we invite participants to express their opinion online about the content, your teaching skills, the result of the training course and the location

We set a minimum quality norm of 7.5/10 for all training courses

Two weeks later, you receive the result of the evaluations, accompanied where applicable by an explanation. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your project manager or learning consultant.

Should there be any comments or lower scores, we will discuss this with you directly so that you can adjust your courses or make changes in a timely manner.

Your opinion

Kluwer Training sets great store by smooth collaboration with its trainers. We would appreciate it if, after a course has ended, you have any suggestions for improvement or other comments. That will give us a chance to improve our courses or collaboration.


Practical arrangements for the scheduling

Financial sheet

When you begin working for us as trainer, you will receive a financial sheet. We would ask that you fill out this sheet or correct it where necessary.


After consulting with your project assistant, you will receive by post a final confirmation of all the course dates for the upcoming training sessions. With this confirmation you will also receive all the necessary information about the training location, the delivery deadline for your course materials and your financial arrangements.


Around 10 working days before the start of a training session, you will receive a reminder email. This mail will comprise:

  • The dates & location of the course
  • Address and directions to the training location
  • Delivery deadline for your course materials
  • List of participants
  • Invoicing information

The steps to follow on a training day

We consider it very important that you as the trainer be at the training location at least 30 minutes before the start. Should you be unable to arrive on time due to circumstances beyond your control, please notify Kluwer Training as soon as you can.

A standard training day comprises blocks of 1.5 hours each, with extra time for lunch and coffee breaks. In the case of in-company training, the schedule for the day will be determined in consultation with the client.


On the first day of a calendar training, the participants are greeted by a receptionist or by your project manager. He or she will check the room and its set-up and will test the requested presentation equipment.


We advise that at the start of your session, you discuss a few practical arrangements with the participants regarding the use of devices, parking, the timetable and special lunch requests. In the case of in-company training, reception will be looked after by the client.

Attendance list

At the start of each day of the training, participants must sign an attendance list. We ask you as the trainer to ensure that the attendance list is returned on the same day to Kluwer Training by email.

Concluding a training course

As a trainer, you are the one who concludes the day. That is an ideal moment to conduct a brief evaluation with the participants. We thus ask you to inform them that there is an electronic evaluation form which Kluwer Training will send them at the end of the last day of the course.

Absence or illness

If you should unexpectedly be unable to be present due to illness or circumstances beyond your control, please notify Kluwer Training as soon as possible. If you are able to arrange for a replacement yourself, this would be much appreciated. If not, Kluwer Training will inform the participants and set a new date for the course.

Cancellations and postponements

Kluwer Training follows a clear and transparent system regarding the cancellation or postponement of training sessions and the instructors’ remuneration for the sessions in question.

Cancellations by Kluwer Training

Two weeks before the starting date of a training course, Kluwer Training will decide whether or not it will go forward, based on the number of registrations. If Kluwer Training cancels a training session, the following arrangements apply:

  Cancellation deadline Remuneration
Open training 2 weeks before start date No remuneration
Open training Less than 2 weeks before start date 100% remuneration for cancelled day(s)
In-company training Between 5 and 2 weeks before start date 50% remuneration for cancelled day(s)
In-company training Less than 2 weeks before start date 100% remuneration for cancelled day(s)


If an in in-company training consists of several days, trainers will be remunerated 100% solely for the day(s) which fall within less than 2 weeks after cancellation by the client. For the days which fall within a period of 2 to 5 weeks after cancellation by the client, the remuneration will be at 50%.If an Open training course consists of several days, trainers will be remunerated 100% solely for the day(s) which fall within less than 2 weeks after the cancellation.


Postponements by Kluwer Training

  Time of postponement Remuneration
In-company training Between 5 and 2 weeks before start date 25% honorarium remuneration for planned assignment
In-company training Less than 2 weeks before start date 50% honorarium remuneration for planned assignment

Cancellations by instructors

After the dates of the training course have been scheduled and the written confirmation has been sent, we consider your commitment as trainer for a given course to be definitive.

If as a result of (unforeseen) circumstances you will nevertheless be unable to be present or cannot teach the course, we urge you to contact Kluwer Training as soon as possible.

Kluwer Training will then do all it can to find a substitute so that the scheduled training course can go forward. If you are able to provide a substitute yourself, this would be very much appreciated. If no substitute can be found, the course will be cancelled.


Financial compensation and invoicing

You receive a PO number from us for each day worked. We send you an automatic e-mail for this the day after the course. Please indicate this PO number on your invoice. You will find an overview of all the invoicing arrangements here.

Liability and insurance

Kluwer Training is not liable for any damage that you as an instructor may sustain yourself, cause to third parties or to Kluwer Training. As a self-employed freelance trainer on assignment for Kluwer Training, you are responsible for taking out the appropriate insurance and may be held liable for any damage caused. If Kluwer Training should be held liable for damage caused by you as the trainer, Kluwer Training will recover all costs from you.


Dear instructor, 

In view of the new European privacy rules (the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, also known as the ‘GDPR’), Wolters Kluwer has drawn up a GDPR-compliant policy. 

As part of this, we want to inform all our instructors and trainers about the aspects of Kluwer Opleidingen’s activities that are affected by this and we expect their cooperation so that all our courses can be GDPR-compliant. 

When Kluwer Opleidingen passes on certain data (such as surname, first name, job, current company, etc. – referred to below as ‘the Data’) about course participants to its instructors, this is done solely in the context of the planned course for which these participants have registered. 

The instructor is only permitted to consult and use these Data in the context of the planned course.

The Data will not be further circulated or passed on

Once the course is over or simply at the request of Kluwer Opleidingen, these Data will be deleted and the instructor is not permitted to keep them or make any further use of them. Of course, this does not apply to personal data given directly to the instructor by the participants themselves.   

If you have any questions, please consult your usual contact person or go to https://www.wolterskluwer.be/corporate/nl/gdpr/.