The first habit of effective people

Stephen R. Covey defines proactive behaviour as using 'freedom to choose' to break the stimulus/response cycle of reactive behaviour. Others prefer to say that pro-activeness is about taking control and taking initiatives to improve your situation.

  • What does proactivity mean to you in your work environment?
  • How can it help you achieve greater goals?
  • How can it boost your motivation?
  • What can you do starting today to be (even) more proactive?

Through this 2-day interactive training, you will learn:

  • what proactivity means for you personally
  • what proactivity means for your organisation
  • what the experts have to say about proactive behaviour and proactive people
  • the keys to proactive behaviour
  • how you can improve your own behaviour
  • how to bring initiative and impact your work


This training is a blend of discussion, theory and exercises. The trainer creates a sharing atmosphere where participants can exchange best practices, working on understanding different environments, as well as their own convictions.

Target audience

All professionals who want to increase their impact on their work environment, increase their performance and their satisfaction at work.

  • professional staff
  • support staff
  • project team members and leaders
  • mid-management


A. Introduction

  • What is proactivity?
  • Covey’s first key habit of effective people: Be proactive!
  • Experts share their opinion on proactivity

B. Flow: A pre-requisite for proactivity

  • What is it and how can I have it?
  • The results of flow
  • The link with skill and challenge

C. Understanding your personal mission and the mission of your company

  • Mission, vision and the link with action
  • Creating goals

D. Assessing your position in order to create strategic action

E. Why Jean-Claude Van Damme was right about being 'aware'

  • The impact of awareness on your values and your mission-creation

F. Work on what you can influence

  • What can you impact?
  • Where do you have influence?
  • How to broaden your circle of influence?

G. Creating innovation and change

  • Keys to proactive behaviour
  • Using Red Monkeys© to create innovation and change in the organisation

H. Personal action plan

Only incompany

We didn't schedule open sessions of this training. This training is only given in-company. If you have a number of people in your company who need this type of training,
Kluwer will be happy to develop an in-house training course for you, customised to suit your particular situation. Our experienced trainers will tailor the course to fulfill the needs and abilities of your staff.