Subsidies and advantages


You can pay for all Kluwer Training programmes with your kmo-portefeuille. The kmo-portefeuille also covers in-company training, coaching assignments and e-learning from Kluwer Training.
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Training support from the Brussels Capital Region

If you are self-employed or have a small or medium-sized enterprise located in any of the 19 boroughs in Brussels, then you can benefit from the training support measures put in place by the Brussels Capital Region.


Any business in the Brussels Capital Region can apply for training subsidies. The training establishment where the courses are run do not make any contribution. It’s the customer for the course who has to make the application for the subsidy.

For what type of training?

You can lodge an application for training support if

  • the course is of an exceptional or urgent type
  • the cost of the course is at least 1 000 EUR


Support does not apply to courses that relate to the normal day-to-day operation of your business, or to basic knowledge about your company’s activities.

How much?

You receive a 50% subsidy for the cost of the training, with a minimum of 500 EUR and a maximum of 5 000 EUR per course (maximum 3 courses per year).


Your application must be lodged within 30 calendar days of the course start date. Your application should include:

  • the completed application form
  • a copy of the price quote, invoice or registration for the course
  • the list of references relating to the training establishment, its CV or leaflet
  • a document summarising all of the support that your company has received in the past three tax years


You can download the application form the following website: and send it by post to:

Ministerie van het Brusselse Hoofdstedelijke Gewest
Bestuur Economie en Werkgelegenheid
Directie Steun aan Ondernemingen
Kruidtuinlaan 20
1035 Brussels

Your support allowance will be paid to you once you have paid for your training course in full. To enable this to happen, please send in an evaluation report and payment documents (invoices and proof of payment).

Kluwer Training is there to help you

On your request, we will be pleased to provide you with the following documents:

  • copy of the price quote, invoice or registration for the course
  • leaflet
  • CV
  • list of references



If your company is established in the Walloon region, read here how to use your subsidies with Chèques-Formations from the Walloon Region.

IPV-IFP discount for the food industry

Who can benefit from this discount?

Any company in the food industry (joint committees 118 and 220 – established in Flanders, Brussels or Wallonia) is entitled to a discount for training from the IPV-IFP (vocational training initiatives for the food industry).

How much is the subsidy your company receives?

Open training courses: The contribution amounts to a maximum of EUR 120 per day of lessons and per participant (with a maximum of three participants per company on the same course). For courses lasting less than one day, the discount is granted on a pro rata basis.
In-company training courses: The contribution amounts to a maximum of EUR 360 per day of lessons and with a minimum of three participants per company on the same course.

Which courses are eligible for a discount?

Many of the Kluwer training courses among the open courses on offer are recognised. In-company training sessions given by a Kluwer trainer-coach may also be eligible. You can contact Els Mertens at IPV-IFP on beforehand to check whether the course you would like to follow is recognised.

How do you apply for the discount?

As soon as employees in a company in the food industry (joint committee 118 or 220) follow a recognised course from among the open courses on offer, IPV-IFP contacts the company at the end of the course to request the necessary details.
For in-company training courses, IPV-IFP must receive the approved quotation in order to check whether the course is eligible for the IPV-IFP discount. In this case, too, IPV-IFP takes the initiative to deal with the discount dossier promptly.
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